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Morgan is a multidisciplinary artist and up and coming force to be reckoned with in Ottawa's art scene. She explores topics of family, politics, human rights, music and the ocean through disciplines of mixed media, sculpture, and photography. Using her artistic stance she evokes emotion in hopes of societal contemplation and reflection on underdeveloped subjects. Her latest endeavour is opening her new community gallery; the Niche Ottawa Gallery where she allows artists of all backgrounds and perspectives to shine and flourish in a community-oriented setting. Stay tuned for grand projects involving her artwork and her gallery - coming soon!

"The sharing of one's perspective is key to the success

of a flourishing society. I believe art and creation is that integral connection from souls to mind to growth. I create to share my experiences and promote discussion. The Niche Ottawa Gallery was created to give a space for all to share thier perspectives in inclusivity and conectivity."

                    - Morgan Hamilton-Kirk

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